Perfect Harmony?
Author: Steve Huston  


For an ad in the 1970s, the Coca-Cola Company united young people from all around the world on a hilltop in Italy to sing, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony… I’d like to buy the world a coke and keep it company…” And Coke’s slogan assured us that “it’s the real thing.” Known as the hilltop ad, “It became one of the top 20 songs in America ranking at number 13. The ad’s popularity expanded around the world and recordings of the song and other versions of it appeared in a variety of languages to fill an ever-increasing demand.”

Coke has attempted consistently to bring “harmony” in the ever-changing society which it finds itself selling in, through advertising.  Over the past several years they’ve taken sides in the sexual revolution, producing LGBT friendly commercials and promoting homosexual families as being “the real thing”—portraying them in a light of normalcy rather than the perversion to God’s ideal and sinful lifestyle that they are. Instead of promoting truth, they partake in social engineering through advertising - attempting to bring traditional marriage and homosexual union into “perfect harmony.”

Coca-Cola has been pushing these advertising boundaries for several years now, and in some cases have been the first to do so.

In 2014, they were the first to present a gay family in a Super Bowl advertisement. This ad showed many different ethnicities while “America the Beautiful” was being sung in a variety of languages. Within these video clips, a segment of two gay dads and their daughter roller-skating was inserted; lending false credence to the idea that homosexuality is as much a matter of civil rights as racial tension.

In 2015, this major soft drink company took another swing at lifting the feelings of an individual above the authority of God’s Word on marriage. The Huffington Post reported that Coke ran an ad, in Amsterdam, of what would appear to be two gay men and a toddler sitting at a table with the slogan, “‘We choose happiness over tradition.’ - the Van Bergen family.” 

Putting the LGBT agenda aside, in recent years Coke has been producing advertisements that encourage women to ogle and lust after the physique of some “beefcake” construction worker, gardener, etc. They have been in the business of selling sex (straight or LGBT) rather than selling their product for some time now.

Most recently, Coca-Cola produced a gay-friendly ad for all genders and all generations. Taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level, Coke shows both a brother and sister swooning over the pool boy in his open shirt, cleaning their pool. Both get the idea to flirt by taking a cold Coke to him and the race begins. Tripping each other up and hurdling like Olympic challengers, they both reach the door only to find that their “cougar” mother has beaten them to it, bringing both a Coke and a sandwich.

Without speaking a word — the only sound was the Italian song "Come Prima" playing in the background—Coca-Cola has said volumes. They no longer hold to traditional principles and promote “values” which undermine the very fabric of our nation. I’m referring to self-centeredness and instant gratification; lusting after the flesh and ignoring the worth of one’s soul; buying Satan’s lie that we can behave in whatever manner we desire with no consequences to pay. That God—if there is even such a deity—will continue to wink at sin instead of demanding repentance.

John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim’s Progress, states plainly that “Christ worked out our salvation that we might have peace, joy, heaven and glory forever.” He goes on describing the precious cost that Christ paid for the gift of salvation and then starts to ask questions—questions we should consider deeply.

Will you love sin more than grace, and darkness more than light? Will you shut your eyes to him but open them wide for the pleasures of the flesh? Will you run the hazard of death in the day of judgment? Will you despise him and reject his grace? Will you abide in sin until the day of judgment? The loss of the soul is not a fable. Both body and soul must be destroyed in hell.”

We must open our eyes to all sin.  Heed the Apostle John’s admonition to “neither love the world nor the things of the world.” (I John 2:15)

Coke’s ads should bring us to the recognition that “the real thing” is God’s thing. No matter whether you’re gay or straight, there is no harmony between sin and salvation or hopelessness and holiness.

We urge you to contact the Coca-Cola Company by either writing to:

Muhtar Kent – CEO c/o
The Coca-Cola Company
P.O. Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301

Or call: (800) 438-2653

Or email:

Express your concern over their advertising tactics; ask them to sell their product—not sex. Urge them to stay out of the culture war and stick to selling soda.

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