Trevor Loudon speaking here – March 18
Author: Bill Johnson  


Coming up in 15 days – nationally noted speaker and movie maker, Trevor Loudon, will be at the American Decency Association auditorium.

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A number of you came to hear Frank Gaffney and Sandy Rios back in October, and, you came away very excited and more deeply informed.

Others of you came and saw Trevor Loudon’s documentary – “The Enemies Within”.   This film has generated a great deal of concern for its powerful messaging and content.

So it is with great excitement that I announce that Trevor Loudon will be speaking personallyright here—on Saturday, March 18 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM (includes a Q & A).

Registrations are coming in and we anticipate a full house if not a full house overflowing as with Gaffney and Rios.

Some of you may also have noted that Trevor Loudon was a front and center speaker at last week’s CPAC at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor, MD.

Loudon shared in a panel discussion with Sheriff David Clarke and Clare Lopez former CIA member, highly regarded member of Center for Security Policy, and other strong voices for America.   I urge you to watch, even if just a few minutes.  Here:

You are busy, I know.  You are pulled in many directions if you are like me.   I won’t say that you owe it to yourself to be here.  That verbiage probably doesn’t resonate with you, so I will say it this way.   It would be a good thing if you made time for this, as the times warrant more understanding than you may seek but which you should have.

These are serious times, my friend.  Loudon is traveling the country because he is passionate about freedom and America is the last great hope for freedom around the world.

Our monies are low so we have to exercise great wisdom in everything we do in ministry.  Having Trevor Loudon here at such a time as this is a high priority in 2017.

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