Communism Uncovered—March 18, 2017—Don’t Miss Out!
Author: Steve Huston  


March 18, 2017 will be here before you know it!That’s when Trevor Loudon, author and producer of the book and documentary ENEMIES WITHIN, will be at the American Decency building located at 203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI. Seating is limited so reserve your seat today. There are three ways to do this: 1) Call 231-924-4050, 2) Click here, or 3) email Don’t miss out on this informative event and don’t let your friends and family miss out either. Make sure everyone has a seat; sign up TODAY!

We showed Trevor Loudon’s eye opening documentary “Enemies Within” on January 20 of this year. Many people walked away from that viewing shocked at just how bad things were. Mr. Loudon exposes Congressmen/women, unions, and low people in high places pushing the communist agenda under the guise of progressivism. He also shows many of these same progressives being connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Don’t be deceived! Communism is alive and well worldwide; it’s even growing at an alarming rate in America. Our nation has been so naïve; as our government, with sleight of hand, has been pointing to “bad” Russian communism to keep us from seeing that “communism was incubated, concealed and sold as democracy” in our own country. (Click here for a “Personal Liberty” article which talks about American communism and lists “the 10 planks of communism.”)

Trevor Loudon is one of the newest voices in the wilderness, crying out a clarion call of warning. Who will listen? Have many listened as Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn warned that public schools are, in part, responsible for the decline of Christianity in America? The American Decency Association (ADA) showed Mr. Gunn’s film “INDOCTRINATION” in hopes to open the eyes of Christians and others. Is the public awake to the fact that these government indoctrination centers (public schools) are pushing a communistic agenda and turning the minds of our children away from God, away from our history, and away from truth?

How many people have had “ears to hear” as Curtis Bowers produced TWO documentary films about these life- sucking and liberty-hating ideologies? Again, the ADA brought Curtis Bowersand his family to our headquarters after his first documentary (AGENDA: Grinding America Down) and again after his second (AGENDA 2: Masters of Deceit). To purchase, click here. Curtis masterfully shows the web of deceit—the interconnectedness between people, parties, movements, and agendas—and what immense dangers it presents to our nation, society, and future. To purchase a DVD of our most recent Curtis Bowers event click here ($10).

We can neither afford to be ignorant nor apathetic about these matters. As communism continues to take over America, we become enslaved by its greedy tentacles and are fooled by its soft chains. The populace may be happy slaves, but they are slaves nonetheless. We must get informed and act on that information.

So many are misinformed; especially these younger generations of adults who have been indoctrinated by the government run educational system. Many align themselves with Bernie Sanders who promoted and praised the very communist policies that recently brought Venezuela to its demise. Many others stand with Hillary Clinton as she promoted a heavily communist agenda.

Many communist policies have been and are being put in place in America.If we don’t stand guard, if we don’t inform ourselves, if we don’t act and encourage others to act in defense of freedom, clinging to our Constitutional Republic heritage, we will suffer the fate that many of these pro-communist nations have suffered.

Sign up now for the incredible opportunity to hear a very knowledgeable man speak about what is currently happening in our government and society.Inform yourself before attending so that you will better understand the issues that he will be speaking into and so you can be ready for the Q and A at end of his presentation.  

Seating is limited so reserve your seat today. Either 1) Call 231-924-4050, 2) Click here, or 3) email Don’t miss out on this informative event. Invite family and friends. Invite your pastor to join you. We need to get the word out to people of all walks of life and to leaders who are responsible for the soul of our nation. Urge these people to come and hear a man who is passionate for the truth.

To become better acquainted with these issues, click on the links above and purchase or watch these documentary films. Order Trevor Loudon’s “Enemies Within” ($15) from the American Decency store by clicking here. Watch his latest documentary called “America Under Siege: Civil War 2017” for free here.

Pray for this event and pray for our nation—we are in such desperate need. Pray for our president and his cabinet as they are constantly bombarded with adversaries both spiritual and physical. Pray that God—by His sovereign will—will move Congress to act in Biblically correct manners. Pray that our courts will be reined in instead of lawlessly reigning. Pray! Dare we neglect to approach the Throne of Grace while we are in such a desperate time of need? (Heb. 4:16)

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