What’s the Target?
Author: Steve Huston  


“Boycotts don’t work anymore,” some say. Target’s stock in April of last year (shortly before the boycott) was $83.98; a few days ago (February 9) it was only worth $66.41. Perhaps one can’t attribute the drop completely to the American Family Association’s (AFA) boycott, but such a drastic decline and the boycott happening at the same time is much more than a mere coincidence.

Click here to sign AFA’s pledge to boycott Target now.

Hitting the pocketbook of large corporations and their stockholders is not the only way that boycotting should be deemed as successful. It does something in us as well. Boycotting gives us an opportunity to stand up for Christ and Biblical principles before the community we live in and in front of our children. As we talk with others about what we are doing, we verbally share our faith, convictions, and point others to a holy and loving God. He has put boundaries and laws in place for our own good.

Boycotting places a standard before the public that otherwise would not be expressed. When no one talks about what is right or wrong, safe or dangerous, then values, decency, and protections are removed from society. Even without a boycott we should be expressing God’s holy indignation against that which He has declared to be wrong. Our silence makes us complicit in society’s demise and the removal of God from the public square. Our silence on these matters affects the thoughts and actions of our children as well. If we are apathetic about society’s corporations and their social engineering of society, our children are likely to inherit our apathy instead of being a firebrand of the Christian faith. We are to be an example, pointing to our sovereign Creator.

All the previous positives aside, it’s a matter of personal Christian stewardship and personal holiness.

STEWARDSHIP: As Christians, we have concern for upholding decency, morality, and righteousness in the public marketplace. Would Christ have us do business with companies that sell or rent merchandise promoting sexual immorality when we can trade with businesses that do not (even if we have to pay a little bit more and go a few miles out of our way)? 

HOLINESS: As Christians, we are admonished in the Scriptures not to conform to the world, nor to love the world, but to be transformed by Christ (Romans 12:1-2)” (Taken from American Decency Association’s boycotting brochure)

Should we support businesses which embrace policies that put our women and children in danger? To those who would deny that Target’s policy increases the potential for invasion of privacy or abuse, click here to read Family Research Council’s (FRC) listing of news accounts detailing the many abuses that Target’s policy and stores with similar policies are responsible for.

Quoting Tony Perkins from FRC: "If you want to see a real version of CSI, just go into one of (Target's) changing rooms – because ... it's been the site of crime scenes. And we're not talking about necessarily transgender people committing crimes; it is those taking advantage of these laws."

Keeping the narrative on track, remind others that AFA’s call for a boycott on Target was never an attack on “transgender” individuals.  AFA asked Target to change this store policy because it endangers women and girls by allowing straight men to take advantage of the ask-no-questions policy. It wasn’t to persecute the “transgender” person; it was to protect women and children.

Perhaps there are some who haven’t signed the AFA boycott of Target because they thought that boycotting doesn’t work. Maybe others felt that it was an attack on the “transgender” person. Still others may not have known anything about it. Regardless the reason, take a stand now. Let Target know that America cares about the safety of their women and children. Urge friends and family members to sign as well. Encourage your church to participate in protecting females of all ages across America by signing the pledge.

Join the over 1.4 million Americans who have already signed this pledge to boycott Target. There is a shareholders meeting set for February 28, where CEO Brian Cornell is expected to answer some "tough questions" from shareholders (According to Recode). Let’s increase the number of boycotters, decreasing the bottom line of Target’s stock. Let’s give CEO Brian Cornell something else to answer for on February 28th.

Click here to sign AFA’s pledge to boycott Target now.

*** GOOD NEWS! ***

Thank you to all who contacted your representatives regarding House Joint Resolution 43 to rescind the Obama rule preventing states from redirecting Title X (Title 10) funds away from groups like Planned Parenthood.


This was the first step to defund Planned Parenthood. Whether you contacted your representative or not, if you’re glad that the House of Representatives took this first step, why not call and thank them for protecting children and the consciences of taxpayers across America! You can contact them by calling the US Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

To support our efforts please click here or mail your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), PO Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412. 

American Decency Association is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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