It’s NOT for the Articles
Author: Steve Huston  


Playboy can’t escape the grip of pornography any easier than the victims they’ve helped to enslave.

Many a young boy had his first exposure to over-exposed women in the pages of Playboy, a magazine which was hidden away from prying eyes—though not hidden well enough. It was hidden because it wasn’t acceptable; it was a man’s dirty little “secret” “entertainment,” that wasn’t so secret after all. It could only be called “entertainment” so far as sin can be referred to as such.

Those days of boys circling around this “nudie” magazine in private became a thing of the past, with smart phones and internet pornography available on every wave surfed. Men can more easily hide their sinful habit by erasing their history than trying to find a better hiding place in the home. Not to mention the fact that  immodesty and “soft” porn has become so acceptable in our society that sports magazines can be pornographic in nature and still be found on shelves for children to see. With all these signs (and more) of a degenerate society, Playboy had decided that since America’s demand for porn was increasingly being met online, there would be a nudity-free “redesign” at Playboy. After all, most of their subscribers “bought the magazine for the articles,” right?

Whether the articles lost their appeal or Playboy just can’t break pornography’s steely grip, it only took one year after publishing its first nudity-free issue for them to announce that they will once again objectify women who are baring it all.  That’s right; they are back in the battle AGAINST love, using its counterfeit of LUST as powerful ammunition against fidelity and trusting, nurturing relationships.

Playboy IS pornography; many will try to use adjectives to make it seem less offensive or more acceptable, but it IS pornography nonetheless. It harms relationships. It harms minds by changing the way people think. It harms society as the masses accept a boundary which is further removed from the boundary God has already put in place. Man calls it “entertainment,” a rush, educational, and the list goes on. God calls it SIN. The pornography addict requires more of the “drug,” and stronger doses of it, in order to meet the addicts need.

Hefner’s “heaven” is really a road to hell—both for its victims and society as a whole.  Pornography in general and Playboy specifically gives a misperception of what sex and God-ordained relationships are supposed to look like. It calluses a society’s conscience and brings about deeper sin. It demands instant gratification which negatively affects society in many ways.

Playboy isn’t content to just re-enter the pornographic scene where they exited. They plan to push the boundaries of their own degradation—quoting—“Playboy will always be a lifestyle brand focused on men’s interests, but as gender roles continue to evolve in society, so will we.”                                                                                                                                                  

Pornography harms society, relationships, and individuals on both sides of the lens; it works to destroy the seller and the viewer. BUT there is hope! There is One who is stronger than the shackles of addiction, One who saves to the uttermost. He is the same One who died for sin and calls all men to repentance; His name is Jesus. Repentance leads to forgiveness IN Christ, not only setting the captive free but healing the mind and soul as well.

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