Communism: A Dead or A Deadly Enemy
Author: Steve Huston  


Who:Trevor Loudon, producer of the documentary “Enemies Within”
What:An opportunity to be informed and to hear Trevor Loudon speak about the enemies within
Where:American Decency headquarters—203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI 49412
When:Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Why:To unveil the danger that threatens America; to make known our enemies—without and sadly within. To learn what we can do to protect this last, great bastion of freedom, AMERICA!

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In January we had shown the film—“Enemies Within”—which exposes strong communist and Muslim Brotherhood ties within our own government. This cinematic warning named names and organizations which were—AND ARE—pushing forward the communist, “progressive” agenda, an agenda designed to take away your liberties and shackle you with tyrannical overseers. This is an agenda that moves nations from prosperity to poverty, abundance to want, strength to weakness, and liberty to lifelessness. It’s an agenda which has been growing in the shadowy recesses of our government for many decades at an ever-alarming rate. It has not only grown larger but with more boldness as John Q. Public slumbers the apathetic sleep of ignorance.

In recent years God has called some out to be truth-tellers, shining the light of truth into the darkness of ignorance. God has raised such men as Curtis Bowers (producer of the documentaries AGENDA 1 and 2), Frank Gaffney(Secure Freedom Radio and Center for Security Policy), Phil Haney (persecuted Department of Homeland Security officer and author of “See Something Say Nothing”), and now Trevor Loudon, to name but a few, to awaken America to her danger and her need for God’s continued hand of protection. What will we do with this information and this brief reprieve from an immoral and destructive party that only has America’s demise in mind? Will we also recognize that this agenda is a bipartisan problem, infecting the Republican Party too?

If you’re not sure who Trevor Loudon is, haven’t see “Enemies Within” yet, or would like to see this revealing documentary again, orderit from our store for $15. Watch Jamie Glasov interview Trevor Loudon on this movie and similar topics here. Trevor Loudon and director Judd Saul have just recently released (1/19/17) another new documentary series called America Under Siege. The first of this five part series is entitled “Civil War 2017” and can be viewed here for free. Take advantage of these opportunities to become better prepared for this event and join us on March 18 at 7 PM expecting to learn and interact with Mr. Loudon.

Most people assume that communism is a thing of the past; it either broke down with the Berlin Wall or fell with Russia. That’s just not the case, and there’s no more dangerous an enemy than one who is believed to be defeated or no longer a threat. Communism is very much alive and well in the thoughts of a great number of Americans both common and influential. Unfortunately they don’t look at the realistic outcomes of this devastating ideology and the countries that it has destroyed (Can you say Venezuela?). Conservative Review published an article in January that encourages us to look at the dangers of socialism both there and in our own country.

Still skeptical about communism having taken root in America? Ask yourself this: Have you noticed that “What was once considered the American Dream is now considered xenophobic, racist, and fascist. What was once considered Marxist and Leninist is now considered inclusive and progressive.”? (Quote from “Enemies Within”) As communist thought has infected our public schools, it’s taken root and grown in every sector of our country. As this tyrannical ideology has been bred within our government and our society, it’s bound our minds from free and logical thinking—shackling us to thoughts of ease and universal contentment without sweat and responsibility. We need to wake up, shake our heads, and look for the light of truth.

Because this is such an important issue we are expecting a large crowd. REGISTER TODAY so you won’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! If you care about this country or just desire to be informed, this event is for you. Whether you’ve seen the film “Enemies Within” or not, don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear Trevor Loudon speak and to ask him questions about these important issues. Share the movie and the above links with your friends; bring them to American Decency headquarters on March 18, 2017 at 7 pm. Only God can save America from destruction but we have a role to play as well. Get informed, inform others, and act on this information.

Of course we must be in prayer over our nation, our president and this administration, and those nefarious individuals who would do our country harm. However, there is also something else we can each do. Call your congressperson and urge them to pass H.R. 3892 for the safety of our nation and the good of our government.

H.R. 3892 is a bill that would name the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. This would effectually undo much of their work for the last 60 years. To read the text of this bill click here.

Call the US Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Urge your congressperson to support H.R. 3892.

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