CALL NOW - MI Governor Rick Snyder key speaker at ISNA Convention
Author: Bill Johnson  

Call Governor Rick Snyder at: 
 (517) 373-3400

Yesterday I first informed you of Governor Snyder’s intention to speak at the ISNA convention.  I just called the governor’s office expressing my concern stating, in part, the following: 

ISNA is a Radical Muslim organization. "The Islamic Society of North America is a radical Muslim organization that owns and runs mosques throughout North America, functioning as an “umbrella organization” and “clearinghouse” to connect all Muslim activities in the United States. Firmly believing in, and supporting, extremist Muslim views, the group places radical leaders within mosques, sometimes replacing current religious leaders with those of a more extreme persuasion. The Islamic Society of North America is connected closely to the Saudi-Wahhabi form of Islam, an extreme version of Islam which teaches that all non-Muslims are enemies and heathens." reports:

I also stated in closing that the governor took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and that ISNA’s desire is to make America Shariah compliant.

Please make your call today to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. .  

(517) 373-3400

Gov. Snyder alert from yesterday

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Please CALL Michigan Governor to withdraw from addressing Hamas linked Islamic Society of North America!



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