Crumbling Crackers and Cultures
Author: Steve Huston  

When I think of graham crackers I think of the camping I may do this summer and the smores I might eat around a campfire.  I fondly remember eating a bowl full of soggy graham crackers for breakfast and talking with my mom.  They were an easy snack to give my children with a little frosting on them.  Yes, I have some wholesome memories of graham crackers, Nabisco graham crackers.

Apparently Nabisco and I have a fondness for different things now.  Of course they wanted to sell crackers and I was really just interested in eating them; but now Nabisco wants to change definitions like family and wholesome.  Now I am older and more interested in protecting definitions like family and wholesome; I’m interested in being a conscientious consumer, watching where I spend my dollar.

This is how our friends at the American Family Association described the new Honey Maid commercial.

“Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves for their latest Honey Maid and Teddy Graham cracker commercial where they attempt to normalize sin. Right away it shows two men with a baby, followed by other families, and ends with different families pictured including the one with two dads. This commercial not only promotes homosexuality, but then calls the scene in the advertisement wholesome…”

“The ad states, ‘Everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.’  Honey Maid is also using the hashtag #thisiswholesome. There is concern about the way this ad is pushing the LGBT agenda, but an even greater concern is the way that they are changing the meaning of the word ‘wholesome.’”

Television shows, advertisers, amusement parks, mass media, all these and many more are putting forth a strong effort to normalize sin.  This article focuses on homosexuality but you can pick any lifestyle sin and it seems as if someone is trying to push it into your home and make it look normal. 

The same can be said of political administrations with social agendas, or lawless judges not ruling BY the law, but rather, commenting on and judging the law, putting their own feelings and positions down AS law.  They ignore their duty and dance a cultural shift. Eventually someone will have to pay the piper.

Satan wants us to see sin as normal and not so bad. He delights in taking what God has made “good” and was meant to glorify God and change it, counterfeit it, making it to please Satan himself instead of the Creator God. The fallen one desires men to see themselves as gods, having to answer to no one but themselves.

As Honey Maid explains on their Youtube page,

“Today we celebrate all families.  From working moms to two moms;”I can’t help but think how far we have come. Do you realize we’ve been accepting two moms for a long time?  Granted, we’ve been accepting two moms in different homes because of divorce; but now Honey Maid and others are putting two moms in a same-sex relationship. They are making two dads to seem normal.  Both are wrong; both are unwholesome; both run contrary to the Word of God.  Satan whispers, “Did God really say…?”  “YES, HE DID!” should be our quick and relentless cry.

With Nabisco, Coca-cola, Chevrolet and the plethora of advertisers out there trying to make homosexuality look normal and wholesome, you’d think that this issue has become a cultural wave that has taken in a very large percentage of the population.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE! The fact is that homosexuals account for less than 2% of the population of the United States of America.  You can see the numbers of this 2011 study for yourself here.

It’s not a matter of acceptance; it’s a matter of an evil agenda which is being pushed upon America and around the world. Satan continues to attack God’s design and skew it to his own workings.  He continues to take words like “wholesome” and “family” and twist them for his own purposes. He takes a symbol of God’s promise (the rainbow) and hijacks it, twisting it to his own design. Satan calls it normal; God calls it sin. We live in a day when “evil” is called “good” and “good” is called “evil.” That which is meant to glorify God (family, the church, etc) is being taken and bent out of shape until it is hardly recognizable.

God calls us to know and stand upon His holy word.  He exhorts us to show His light, love and compassion to a world which has been blinded by hate and the evil one.  Christians must follow the example of Jesus, our Saviour, and stop grieving the Spirit so that He may fill us with grace AND truth.  We cannot ignore the darkness but we are commanded to focus on The Light. Christ is the cure for our culture; He alone is truly wholesome.

Please stand with us in sending a message to Nabisco, urging them to pull this offensive ad which undermines the values of millions of their potential customers.  Click here to contact Nabisco.


To support our efforts please click here or mail your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), PO Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412.  

 American Decency Association is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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