Homosexuality and same-sex marriage.
Author: Bill Johnson  

By Bill Johnson

It is unbelievable to me to see how those who lead us lack righteous indignation.

They lack righteous indignation.  How can this be?

Years ago when network television began shoving their pro-homosexual programming down our throats, some ministries began early to oppose the pro-homosexual movement. 

I thought seriously?  What’s to worry about?  How many men would stoop to having  intimacy with another man?  How disgusting.  How unnatural.

Having sex with someone with the same anatomy as their partner defies natural law.   Natural law -  God’s law.

Substituting the truth for a lie.  Decisions of huge magnitude guided by a lie,by irrationality, foolishness.  We are now led by multitudes of so-called leaders who have exchanged the truth for a LIE.  

Think about that.

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