What ‘Glee’ is feeding our youth
Author: Lisa Van Houten  

The Preachiness of Glee

Whose values will your children and grandchildren catch?  If they’re watching “Glee,” there’s a good chance that they’re reeling in values antithetical to yours.  

Each week “Glee” producer Ryan Murphy stirs together a gruel of illicit sexuality, secular humanist ideology, and the promotion of homosexuality and deviant behavior - and then spoon feeds it to millions of youth across the nation.

And, sadly, many parents are just sitting back in their La-Z-boys while this proverbial poison is swallowed by their children.

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Even the liberal MSN recently referred to Glee as “overtly politically correct and borderline preachy.”  The MSN article went on to state:

“We get it: When ‘Glee’ first premiered, the show preached tolerance for all and celebrated all its characters as they were, but over the course of several seasons the show can't deny being gay-friendly. While we appreciate its attempts at recognizing serious issues like teen pregnancy, eating disorders, texting while driving, learning disabilities, disabled people, transgendered people, domestic abuse, bullying, teen suicide and, of course, homophobia, just to name a few, the series has turned itself into one giant public service announcement.  …”

However the preachiness of Glee, - a show for teens and about teens – stops when it comes to teen sexuality.  Instead, sexual promiscuity is depicted as the norm – that there’s something wrong if you’re not having sex.

A recent episode depicted a high school boy plying his 10th grade girlfriend with Valentine gifts with hopes she would give up her virginity to him. When he sees her thrilled reaction to his gifts, he tells a friend:  “I am so getting laid tonight!”

That same episode featured the current and former Glee club members at a hotel for a wedding reception.  The episode ended with pairs of teens heading to hotel rooms to hook up for sex. 

The sexual pairings included a homosexual couple – a high school boy and his former “boyfriend” who graduated the previous year – going to bed together.  This gay couple previously had been shown in a hot and heavy make-out scene in the back of a car and “romantically” slow dancing together. 

Viewers also saw two girls going to bed together - a bi-sexual girl, now in college, and a high school girl – who is the token hypocritical “Christian” student depicted as vicious and conniving.  After the two engage in lesbian sex, the high school girl says, “I can see why college girls experiment.  It was fun!”

And then there were the two heterosexual wheel-chair bound students, both paralyzed from the waist down, going to bed together.  As the two are shown after their sexual encounter, the boy asked the disabled girl if “it was good for her.”  Making reference to her paralysis, the girl laughingly says “I don’t know.”  The boy laughs along and says “me either.”

These few examples alone are proof enough that “Glee” is poisoning our youth. 

Guard your family from “Glee” and urge others to do the same.  Please consider sharing this concern on Facebook and/or forwarding this email to your family and friends.

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